Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Blood Ties—Deadly Departed

A man is plagued by a strange figure appearing on all the computers in the office, saying, "You failed me, you're dead," and additional creepy dead guy stuff. So of course with all the electronics running amock, he gets on the elevator, where strange electronic vision man kills him by shoving his hands through his chest. The dead guy is a defense attorney. Official cause of death is a heart attack, but his wife thinks he was killed by a criminal he unsuccessfully defended. But the criminal committed suicide a week ago. Mike thinks that makes him not a possible suspect. Obviously he hasn't been watching this show.

Creepy Dead Guy was Magnus O'Connor, a criminal who was put in jail in spite of some inadvertent evidence tampering that technically invalidated the case. Now he seems to be taking posthumous revenge on the people who finagled him into a jail sentence. Or is he? As my son would say... Dum dum DUMMMM!

In the meantime, Mike continues to fuss at Vicki about her sudden interest in the paranormal and vampires, especially the hot one who helps her with her cases. Henry continues to assist in her investigation, managing to get tangled up with an old girlfriend, Sinead (I mention her name because I'm betting she'll be back), who's been a dabbler in the dark arts. Vicki's mystical tattoos, from the tangle with the demon in the pilot, seem to be manifesting some strange powers. But are they for good or for evil? Dum dum DUMMMMM!

Still enjoying this show a lot. It seems to be hitting a bit of a stride, and the twist at the end of this episode was a nice one. Vicki and Henry don't seem that couply, though. She and Mike do, although, dude, that boy is just annoying lately. Which is too bad, because I like the character. He just seems to fall into the unfortunate position of being the Big Skeptic, without anything additional to define him in the storylines. I'd like to see him take a different role that would highlight him a bit better.

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