Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bones—The Girl in the Gator

Okay. First.

In this article at, Eddie McClintock, our guest for tonight and apparently several other nights, claims he gets mistaken for David Boreanaz. "I've actually signed a few autographs as him." Dude. You look nothing like The David. Plus isn't that fraud? Does the FBI investigate autograph fraud? I'm appalled.

Okay, seriously, although this wasn't the greatest Bones episode by far, I like the addition of Eddie to the cast, because it looks like it's destined to bring some fun tension into the show. It's a bummer to have David Boreanaz absent, but I hope he's getting a good break from the shift in the plotline. He deserves it. Put your feet up, Dave. Have some tea.


Seeley Booth is having a bad day. Apparently going from reglar nookie to no nookie has made him really tense, because he shoots a clown on an ice cream truck because it's being too noisy and annoying. As a result, he has to see a shrink before he can get his gun back, leaving Brennan to meet up with Agent Tim Sullivan (who does not look like Agent Booth, although he seems to be trying to act like him), to investigate a body found inside Eugene, an alligator. I felt kind of bad that they shot the alligator. I mean, he was eating a dead body, not a live human. It seems unfair. Poor Eugene.

Booth is sent to see Gordon Wyatt (Stephen Fry of Fry and Laurie, as in Hugh Laurie as in House) and is told to cogitate and they'll have some tea. Booth tries to get him to just sign the papers so he can go back to work, but instead Wyatt has Booth build him a brick barbecue, which leads to Booth modeling some seriously hot wardrobe and getting scruffy. I have to wonder at Wyatt's motives, but I highly approve.

Sully (Seeley? Sully? Did you catch that subtle juxtaposition?) and Brennan investigate the murder. Brennan identifies the parts in the gator as Judy, a missing college student. She also was apparently involved in a porn website called Hotty Student Body. Hodgins knows about it--he clicked on a pop-up and got caught in a pornado. I like that. Pornado. They find footage of Judy on the website, and suspicion builds toward the website's owner, Monte Gold. While they're interrogating him, they run across Isaac, a fundamentalist minister type who follows Monte around trying to save wandering souls.

The story continues from here in the usual fashion, with plot twists to divert from one suspect to another. Ultimately I found the main plotline less than satisfying. Monte and Isaac were sterotypical in the easy-way-out way, much like Howard Epps' mother in last week's episode, and the fallen minister as murderer "twist" was far too obvious. Monte's death wasn't a bad addition, although I saw it coming the minute Judy's father approached Angela in the diner. I did, however, enjoy the interplay between Sully and Brennan, as they began to warm to each other. And the scenes with Dr. Wyatt and Booth really made the episode. Booth's issues with the clown stem from his uncertainty about what happened with Epps in "The Man in the Cell"--he's genuinely uncertain whether Epps' death was accidental, or if he should count it as his fiftieth kill. The interplay here was by turns funny, as Booth tries to pressure Wyatt to sign his papers, and touching, when Booth finally breaks down and gets to the root of his problem. Boreanaz wasn't in the episode a lot, but when he was, he really delivered. And boy, can he wear a denim shirt...