Monday, February 5, 2007

Coming This Week

Lots of TV this week... Shows with an asterisk I'll be reviewing in real-time. Others will go to the DVR for later perusal. Some mild spoilers in this post, so beware if you're intensely spoilerphobic.

Monday--Heroes*. More whacky hijinks with our happy Heroes gang, as hopefully we find out more about Hiro and Claire's parental units.

Tuesday--House*. Let's hope it's better than last week...

Wednesday--Bones*. Booth has to undergo therapy for being a clownshooting whackjob. We are introduced to not!Booth (Eddie McClintock).

*--Finally returns!

Jericho also finally returns.

Thursday--Supernatural*. Sammy goes bad--or does he? Poor Sammy. Poor Dean!

Friday--No TV of interest to me, so this is when I'll be hitting the DVR. Also awaiting review is last night's Masterpiece Theater, The Ruby in the Smoke, a Victorian mystery starring Billie Piper of Dr. Who fame.