Thursday, February 8, 2007

Boy Is My Face Red

A correction, an admission of guilt, and some housekeeping...

Woke up this morning to find a kind anonymous commenter had pointed out that I called Howard Epps Omar Epps. (Note to self: No more tequila while blogging.) I dutifully went to edit the post, and Blogger was in that mood where it won't let any posts be edited. While poking around trying to get it to cooperate, I accidentally deleted the entire post. So the Bones review from last night is now at

To the anonymous commenter--thanks for pointing this out. I didn't delete your comment--well, actually I did, but not on purpose and I ended up deleting the entire post along with it. So nothing personal.

To Omar Epps--I do not think you're a serial killer. I think you're a hottie. I blame my mistake on the tequila and the House reference earlier in the post. Okay, actually, I blame Stephen Fry.

PSA: Drinking while blogging? Never a good idea.