Thursday, February 8, 2007

Music on Men In Trees

I flip over after Supernatural to check out Men In Trees, and what are they doing on Grey's Anatomy? Playing Snow Patrol. Seriously, I like Snow Patrol, but there are other groups, people...

Anyway, why am I watching Men In Trees when I usually don't? Because the second song in the episode, when Anne Heche is in the bar, is by Steve Carlson (who, as far as I know, is in no way connected with Snow Patrol).

Steve Carlson is half of the band Kane, with the other half being Christian Kane of Angel. Kane recently signed with a major label, and are supposed to have an album out I believe this summer. Steve also does music solo, and with the Steve Carlson Band. I highly recommend all his music. Check it out at iTunes, or at these websites:

As for the show itself, it seems fun, and a co-worker really likes it. I might have to catch up with it some time when I get a chance. And was that Nick Lea on the preview for next week?

Steve Carlson:

Steve Carlson