Monday, February 5, 2007


Okay, first of all I’m so annoyed with myself that I didn’t post my prediction about Claire’s real father because I was RIGHT, and now nobody will believe me. Weh. Anyway, that was an interesting twist, as was Bennet’s reveal that he knows something about Dr. Who Claude. So this older generation of Heroes was supposedly killed off? I wonder how many others are lurking about.

So, on to tonight’s episode:

Niki is still in therapy. The therapist is trying to draw out Jessica via hypnosis. Of course this doesn’t end well. Niki’s dragged back to solitary, but then some folks in suits show up and tell her somebody on death row confessed to her crimes. Niki is sent back home. Except she’s Jessica, and Niki’s been locked away, figuratively in the closet.

Isaac is in a painting frenzy, trying to track down Peter. One of the paintings is of him with Simone. Another appears to be a taxicab full of light. Maybe it’s a taxicab blowing up. Has the prediction of New York blowing up turned into just one taxi blowing up? Cause that seems like progress. Okay, maybe it was something else… like the taxi cab from a bit later.

Claude continues to mentor Peter in his dead sexy accent, suggesting that Peter try to hang onto one of his absorbed powers. A thought--can anybody hear them? Cause they’re pretty chatty, and nobody seems to notice them unless there’s physical contact. And if they're trying to be all stealthy why do they keep running over people? Claude decides they should spy on Simone, to prove to Peter that everybody sucks.

Of course while they’re watching, Simone goes to see Isaac and they share a moment. Peter is pissed. Claude makes a crack about Peter’s hair. I crack up and fall off my chaise, which makes it hard to type. Claude tosses Peter off the building. It’s a damn long fall, and he doesn’t die… Apparently Peter managed to summon Claire’s powers at the last minute. Suddenly he’s swamped with all the powers he’s absorbed. He starts to lose control and Claude slugs him in the face. Yeah, this whole mentor thing is going really well.

Hiro’s dad insists he must go home, back to his job at the family company. He even offers a promotion to Executive VP. Hiro explains that he has a different destiny. He has to deliver the painting so he can get the sword and keep NY from going kerblooey. His dad is less than enthusiastic about this story and destroys the painting.

Hiro and Ando try to reassemble the painting. Hiro’s sister tries to convince him to follow their father’s advice. There’s trouble at Dad’s company because he can’t control his own son. Ando thinks maybe Hiro should just go, especially since his powers seem to have petered out. At Ando’s urging, Hiro decides to talk to his sister. Through some sneakiness, he gives his sister a chance to show her true colors, convincing their father that she’s his worthy heir, not Hiro. Hiro is free and clear to go ahead and continue his mission, with his father’s semi-blessing. Ando thinks Hiro’s sister is hot, but she totally disses him. He, however, is blissfully unaware that he’s been dissed.

At the “paper factory,” Bennet is overpowered by Sylar, who’s planning to kill Claire.

Claire and Zach make up a manatee-related excuse to go visit her real mom. (This reminds me of a story…my kids and I went to the theater the other day and it was a matinee show. My son called it a manatee. We laughed about that the whole time. You have to be a manatee to get in, let’s all walk like manatees… okay, maybe you had to be there.) Claire and Zach arrive at her bio mom’s place, which proves to be a trailer park. Zach leaves her there so she can’t back out. There’s a touching reunion. * sniff * Claire demonstrates her powers to bio Mom, and bio Mom reciprocates.

In the meantime, Sylar is at the Bennet house, waiting for Claire and chatting with the Pomeranian. Claire’s other mom shows up at home. Okay, this can’t be good. Sylar chats up Mom, saying he wants to meet Claire, and gets himself invited over for dinner. We don’t like him. And isn’t he suspicious, with that big bald wound on the back of his head? Sylar starts to show his true colors. Bennet arrives just in time to save Mom and shoot Sylar. He has the Haitian with him. Sylar gets away. Bennet comforts Mom. The Haitian is there to wipe her memory so she’ll no longer be traumatized by visions of Sylar’s bushy eyebrows.

Claire gets home. Her mom doesn’t remember the conversation about the matinee manatee. Claire realizes something has gone wrong in her absence.

Bio Mom calls Claire’s bio dad to let him know their daughter has found her. Her dad turns out to be … Drum roll… Nathan Petrelli.

Poor kid.


Tonight's Amazon link is brought to you by fandom collisions: Adrian Pasdar meets David Greenwalt. Dude. I should totally watch this.