Tuesday, May 29, 2007

House—Human Error

A Cuban refugee wants to see House to have her medical condition diagnosed. Unfortunately, her medical records were lost in the ocean. The team tries to convince House to talk Foreman into staying, but House isn't interested. The Cuban woman's condition of course proves to have convoluted and weird symptoms, including spontaneous heart stoppage (although she can still talk), and House is cantankerous about Foreman and the rest of the team, to the point of firing Chase (which Wilson thinks is a ploy to get Foreman back). By the end, House diagnoses the mysterious ailment as a heart defect, fights with God for credit, and all of House's team has either resigned or been fired except Wilson. Well, that's not too likely to continue into next season, since as far as I know nobody's leaving the show. I think that's what we call a non-cliffhanger cliffhanger. As far as a season ender, kind of meh, but still overall a stronger last third of the season, as I said in my Catching Up post.

Josh Ritter--Good Man
Josh Ritter - The Animal Years - Good Man