Monday, May 28, 2007

House—Catching Up

Yes, I know that's not an episode title--that's just me, you know, catching up.

With the long weekend proving to be happily productive on other fronts, I decided to indulge in some catchup TV viewage. Since I was a few episodes behind on House, I buzzed through the DVR listings and finished up the episodes waiting there to be watched. And there's still one more, with House's season finale airing tomorrow night.

I have to say I think the last third of this season has been far stronger than the middle third was. So, in my estimation, this season went--good first third, weak middle third (with the long arc involving House's Vicodin addiction), good last third. Which is not too bad, and has made for some good entertainment overall. I'm hoping to finish watching Season 2 over the summer (I've watched about half of it), so I'll check in later with progress reports on that front.

For those keeping score, the episodes I watched yesterday were "Fetal Position" (I held this one back for quite a while because of the subject matter), "Family," and "Resignation." I caught "The Jerk" when it aired because I was at a friend's house at the time, so that leaves me with just the season finale to watch tomorrow.

Season Three on iTunes:
House - House, Season 3