Sunday, May 27, 2007

Robin Hood—A Clue: No

For the second half of the season finale, we pick up where we left off, with the sheriff approaching Robin's hideout and Robin mourning over Marian's body. Unfortunately, Robin has yet to perfect the Dean Winchester Single Perfect Emo Tear of Man Pain®, and has settled for his own patented Grim Scowl of Determination. Much and Little John hold off the Sheriff and his men. John says it's a good day to die--when did he turn into a Klingon? Robin joins the fray, and I have to say he's hotter when he's shooting things, especially with that nifty multiple arrow technique. With Marian dead, Robin has pretty much turned into Screaming Berserker Man. In spite of the bad odds, Robin and his men--with Alan and Will returning--wipe the forest floor with the sheriff's men, while Guy stands around gaping in astonishment.

With that little confrontation taken care of, Robin tries to deal with the practicalities of Marian's death. The Merry Men deliver lovely eulogies, like, "She was all right," "Her, we liked," and finally, "She's breathing." Apparently Djaq overdosed her with sedatives. Ah, well. Sedatives can be tricky.

The sheriff informs Guy that the king really isn't coming at all. He's bringing a fake king to town to ferret out all the plots against him.

Robin and his buds bring not-dead Marian to her father. Dad has a plan to defend the king, but it involves leaving Marian to marry Guy, which Robin, having his priorities in order as usual, isn't crazy about. He proceeds to drive off everyone around him with his single-minded focus on Marian, including Much, to whom he's unnecessarily nasty.

Marian has her own plans, and somehow is back on her feet merely hours after primitive abdominal surgery with no antibiotics. She goes to speak to Guy and asks him point blank if he tried to kill the King in the Holy Land. He equivocates. Marian buys it even though he never really quite answers her question. I think she's distracted by the leather and the eyeliner.

Robin's men join with Marian's father, since Robin is just sitting around in the field moping while Marian meets up with Guy for the wedding.

As the Merry Men and Edward put their plan into place, Much bugs out and goes to find Robin. On the way, he runs into the faux king and realizes he is, indeed, faux. One would think the sheriff would have known this ruse wouldn't work--he knows Much and Robin fought in the Holy Land, so why would he assume they wouldn't notice a faux king? But I digress.

Faux King orders the sheriff arrested. The trial proceeds as the king takes "French evidence" from the townsfolk. They go into other rooms to give their private evidence, but if they choose the "testify against" room, the sheriff kills them.

Much barges in on the wedding, announcing that the king is faux. Guy is totally busted. He coerces Marian into continuing with the wedding by threatening her father. But she slugs him in the face with his own wedding ring and escapes. She's surprisingly hearty after that whole abdominal surgery thing. Yes, I continue to harp on that.

Marian runs off to be with Robin even though he's been a brat for most of the season. Robin barges in on the sheriff's setup. Much exposes the faux king and the merry men create general havoc, as usual. They're about to make their escape when the sheriff grabs Much. Robin rescues Much with some fancy schmancy shootin'. Robin and the Merry Men finish the episode--and the season--with a power shot. There is much rejoicing.