Friday, June 1, 2007

Day Break

When last we saw Detective Brett Hopper, he was still having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, over and over and over. But he'd finally gotten Chad to think maybe he wasn't entirely nuts, and had managed to change a couple of things permanently, which could be considered progress. Then ABC rudely canceled his show, leaving him stuck in limbo forever and ever.

But lucky for us, we have the Internet now, and the remaining episodes of Day Break were made available on not long after the cancellation was announced.

In the additional, unaired episodes, the story continues to build, with various pieces falling together as the day changes based on Hopper's activities.

What If He's Not Alone?

Hopper's starting to lose it as the constant repetition begins to wear on him. Hopper meets another man who's also reliving days--a man he encountered earlier in the police station, who appeared to be crazy.

What if She's Lying?

Brett looks for a medical reason for his experiences. Jennifer's involvement with Detweiler is revealed; she's in possession of a briefcase with incriminating evidence about the Isabella Contrares case.

What if They're Connected?

The day changes again as Jennifer asks Brett for help straight off, thus taking her out of danger. Isabella's murder is traced to Tobias Booth, a political figure who had her murdered because she was pregnant. Brett finds evidence Garza's murder is tied to a building gang war.

By the end of this episode, it seems Hopper has made significant progress toward clearing himself of Garza's murder.

What if He's Free?

Brett finally proves Miguel Dominguez killed Garza, and clears his own name. Relieved, he waits for tomorrow to finally come...but it doesn't. We should have known things would go bad when the Yellow-Eyed Demon showed up (Frederic Lane in a guest role).

I have a feeling that having Harper's day start over yet again, even after he's solved the Garza case, is going to be a bad move, story-wise. We'll see. There are still three more episodes--I'll talk about them in an upcoming post.