Saturday, June 2, 2007

Angel—Auld Lang Syne

by Scott Tipton, art and colors by David Messina.

Another five-issue Angel miniseries from IDW, Auld Lang Syne finds Angel and Spike teaming up, post-series, to battle a mysterious foe who's rattling them both by causing the appearance of people from their pasts. The highlight of the story is a vicious knock-down dragout confrontation between the two vampires. Those are always fun. And seriously, it's a big fight. It takes up almost all of issue #3.

This wasn't a bad comic, and had some nice moments, including the reappearance of some long-lost characters like Darla in order to mess with our vamps' heads. However, I felt the storyline was too much like Old Friends, and the final conclusion, as far as who was behind the plot to unsettle the Soul Boys and how she was defeated, wasn't entirely satisfying.

The trade paperback version, with all five issues under single cover, is available for preorder.