Monday, March 19, 2007

Blood Ties—Bad JuJu

Vicki takes a case searching for a woman's missing brother. She's just accepted Angelique's case when they are attacked by a very large, very strong, not entirely human-looking man. Vicki's convinced the guy was some sort of undead. Mike's not crazy about that thought and encourages Vicki to not be a whack-job, so Vicki goes to Henry for help. Henry says it was a zombie. So of course the case leads them into some serious voodoo magic--and into even worse danger when Vicki's client proves to not be what she seems.

I still like the overall dynamic of this show. The interaction between Vicki and Henry is as fun as it was between Vicki and Mike last week, and Henry and Mike all in each other's faces is just as good, though Mike's skepticism is a bit tiresome, as skepticism usually is in a show like this. The plot this time proved a bit of a departure from the usual treatment of voodoo/zombie lore, though it didn't really present us with anything new. And I have to say snarky and/or pissed Henry is much more entertaining than broody, retrospective, feeling guilty Henry.