Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jericho—Semper Fidelis

Aired Wednesday, 3-14

Food is running dangerously short in Jericho. As the mayor decides to take a last in/first out approach, a tank arrives, rolling down main street, complete with marines who say they're here to help. The marines say that the bombs were dropped by North Korea and Iran, which the US subsequently nuked, and that a reconstruction effort is underway. But pieces don't add up, and Jake and Johnston get suspicious of the marines' motives. The marines prove to be just another group of refugees, keeping themselves alive by conning the towns they pass through to hand over supplies and fuel.

Hawkins and Sarah prepare to leave, but Hawkins finds Sarah's communications device with her instructions to use his family against him. She holds his family hostage to acquire the package. A confrontation ensues. Sarah is killed, and Darcy leaves with the children. Hawkins makes contact with Sarah's contact, pretending to be her.

We have a bit more information about the world outside Jericho--maybe. The "marines" stated that the information they gave about the bombings was possibly partially true--some they heard, some they made up. So the North Korea/Iran scenario may or may not be accurate. Apparently Jericho is far better off than most of the surrounding towns. The catchphrase: "You don't know how bad it is out there." Presumably it's as bad as Black Jack, and probably worse. And one has to wonder what will happen to Roger and the other refugees, given the new mayor's attitude toward them.

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