Sunday, March 18, 2007

Robin Hood—Who Shot the Sheriff?

When a bailiff is shot down in cold blood, Robin is blamed for the man's death. As the killings continue, often felling innocents, the villagers turn against Robin. The Sherwood folk are certain the man was killed by a mysterious figure known as the Night Watchman. As Robin's position with the villagers becomes more and more tenuous, Robin proposes a deal with the sheriff, which proves ironic since it turns out the sheriff himself is behind the killings. But when the true identity of the Night Watchman is revealed, Robin's in for a bit of a surprise. In the meantime, Guy tries to hunt Robin down while smirking and sulking hotly.

This episode felt too on-the-nose to me, with everyone telling Robin he does what he does just because he wants to be loved, not because of any altruistic motive. Marian's attempt to draw him into a chick flick moment felt particularly forced. On the other hand, Robin seems to have a generally condescending attitude toward just about everybody, which I don't find endearing, so maybe they have a point. Guy, while shifty, broody, sulky and smirky, at least seems to have straightforward motives. He's not a nice guy, but you know exactly where he's coming from. And in the middle of it all, Much felt the need to declare his love for Robin again. Seriously, you two, just get a room.

The final reveal of the killer wasn't much of a surprise (although the identity of the Night Watchman was a tiny bit less telegraphed). Robin seemed more than a little dense to take so long to figure out the sheriff was behind the killings. And the sheriff/deputy thing? What a bad, bad, gratuitous joke. I do like that Marian is a strong figure--in fact she's coming off as much smarter and stronger than Robin. Maybe she should depose him and take over running the Sherwood Forest gang. She'd probably do a better job.