Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Dresden Files—Storm Front

A couple of people we don't know die horribly while making out. There's a lot of blood. Eww. Harry is summoned to the case. Our couple have had their hearts ripped out of their chests. The man is a local crime boss. Harry doesn't want to get involved--the only way to solve the case is to recreate the magic that caused the deaths, and that would get Harry into deep doo doo with the High Council. Except he's already in deep doo doo with the High Council, because Morgan and the other High Council folk have jumped to conclusions and assume he committed the murders. Apparently he killed his uncle Justin with black magic, so he has a record, but he says it was self-defense. He has to prove somebody else did it to get out of trouble.

Pursuing the case, he's attacked by a fire-throwing demon, reunites briefly with Bianca the vampire, and uses some pretty flashy magic, including channeling lightning.

This episode had a lot of exposition, almost as if it were a pilot. Which of course it was, originally, until they decided to use "Birds of a Feather" instead, and move this one farther back in the schedule. Harry seems to be spilling a lot of information about magic to Murphy, which seems contradictory to his attitude toward her previous to this. He also uses a lot more magic, which I liked. I especially liked his use of the shield bracelet--I thought they did some nice effects there. Susan is dropped in with no introduction at all, which I suppose would have worked if this had been left as the first episode. Overall, though, considering this was an hour-long adaptation of a full-length novel (cut down from a longer version used as the pilot, I'm told), the story held together surprisingly well, although a heck of a lot of stuff was left out from the book. While it was a fairly satisfactory episode, I wish they'd done two-parters for the stories that are drawn directly from the book plots, like this one and "Hair of the Dog." They could have done a much fuller treatment of the books that way.

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