Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bones—The Boneless Bride in the River

Although Brennan is attempting to be on vacation with Sully, Booth calls her in on a case--a body that was boiled, and its entire skeleton removed, before being dumped in a river. Yes, this is as gross as it sounds and why am I still trying to eat ice cream? I should know better by now. Zack and Hodgins try to inflate the skull-less head to reconstruct the woman's face--also gross but funny, too.

Angela manages to ID the body as an Asian woman who's in the country to visit her fiance. He claims they had called off the wedding, and then flees from the scene. Nice way to not look suspicious. The victim proves to be a mail order bride. Brennan suspects the body was treated as it was as part of a traditional Chinese ritual in which the bones of a woman are buried with a man to provide company for the man in the afterlife, although generally the woman isn't murdered to provide the bones. While suspicion of course focuses on the fiance, the final resolution leads the investigation in another direction.

In the meantime, Sully buys a boat and invites Brennan to take a year off to cruise to the Caribbean with him. Angela encourages her to go. Surprisingly, so does Booth, although most of his other behavior indicates he's not crazy about the idea.

This episode had an interesting premise, although my google-fu failed as far as verifying the supposed Chinese tradition that drove the plot. Not that it doesn't exist--I just wasn't able to confirm it. The writers certainly seem to be coming up with crazier and crazier ways for people to die. The humor in this episode was good, as well--I particularly liked the scenes contrasting Harper's graceful martial arts gymnastics with Booth's clumsy barreling along and falling over himself. I've always liked the way David Boreanaz doesn't seem to worry about humiliating himself on camera, and this was no exception. Of course, it led up to that great fist-in-the-face moment--we can't have our stalwart FBI hero humiliated for the entire episode, after all. His mixed reactions to Brennan's dilemma with Sully were equally well-played. While I rather enjoyed the addition of Sully to the cast, I'm kind of glad they didn't drag it out too long, because it could have gotten tiresome. This handful of episodes was just about right.

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