Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lost—The Man from Tallahassee

Sporadic reports today have it that Lost has been picked up for next season.

Back story: Pre-wheelchair, but short a kidney, Locke fights bureaucracy and depression. A young man, Peter, arrives at his door asking him for help with his mother, who's apparently being conned by Locke's dad. Locke searches out his father and finds him in a flower shop with his new fiancee, preparing for the wedding. Locke confronts him, accusing him of conning the fiancee.

Later, a pair of detectives approach Locke about Peter. Apparently he's dead. Locke accuses his father of the murder. Dad shoves Locke out a window. While this was an interesting twist, nicely out of left field, and finally an explanation of how Locke ended up in the wheelchair, I found it pretty hard to believe he could survive an eight-story fall.

Jungle story: Kate, Sayid and Rousseau watch Jack playing football in the yard with Juliet. Attempting to make contact with Jack, Kate and Sayid are both nabbed by Others. Locke makes his way into Ben's quarters and holds him at gunpoint, demanding to know where the submarine is. Alex breaks in on them--Locke grabs her as a hostage, then sends her to fetch Sayid's bag. While she's gone, Ben plays head games with Locke. Locke returns the favor, commenting that Ben isn't healing very fast, even though Locke himself obviously has been fixed somehow. Ben theorizes that Locke wants to destroy the sub so he won't ever have to leave the island, and that Locke wants to stay on the island not only to stay out of the wheelchair, but because his father can't ever get to him there. He offers to show Locke the island's secrets. Locke isn't impressed--he seems to believe he has a mystical connection and understanding of the island that even Ben, who was born there, does not. He cites his able-bodiedness as evidence.

Jack is brought to talk to Kate. He tells her he made a deal with them, and they're going to let him go home. Juliet comes to get him. He tells Kate he'll come back for her.

Alex retrieves Sayid's pack. Sayid gets smacked around for talking to her about her mother. Locke has Alex take him to the sub.

Jack asks Ben to let Kate and Sayid go after he leaves. Ben agrees to do so. Locke is apprehended on the way back from the sub. As he and Jack run into each other on the pier, the sub explodes.

Locke is imprisoned by the Others. And look! There's Batmanuel Nestor Carbonell again. Ben thinks Locke was sent by the island to get rid of the sub so he wouldn't have to keep his promise to Jack and thus lose his status as the Others' leader. Ben feels Locke does have a special communion with the island, though his understanding is still flawed. He takes Locke to a locked room and reveals...Locke's dad, tied up in a chair. I make my wtf face. Apparently this is the titular Man from Tallahassee. So how the heck did they get him shipped in and why did they bother? Just to throw Locke off his game? Or did he appear in the big Make-A-Wish box?

So not much answered here, although we did finally find out how Locke ended up paralyzed. And someone other than Locke thinks the island has some kind of juju about it. If there really is a big box that will give you anything you wish, can I wish for Jensen Ackles on a plate? Can it do that? Cause that might be worth getting stranded on an island full of nutcases, polar bears and weird black clouds.

Next week, apparently somebody dies. I wonder who. There are a couple of characters whose deaths could very possibly cause me to stop watching this show. I hope it's not one of them.

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